Steel doors

Wide Selection of Steel Craft Entry Doors

Steel is an outstanding choice of material when it comes to solid as well as practical entrance door installation.

Both Superwindow’s steel entrance doors are durable and sturdy, making them endure severe Canadian weather of all kinds-from blazing hot summers to icy winters and foreseeable precipitation of all sorts.

They are intended to provide an incredibly attractive appeal to your home, complementing your existing decor effortlessly.

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High Durability

Doors made of steel will survive Canadian temperatures, and make us feel safe in our house. However, we think having an entrance door, which is also beautiful, will also be fantastic. 

There’s a huge variety of stylish steel doors available at SuperWindows Windows & Doors that match every taste or need. Your home will greatly improve its appearance when you choose a steel entry door from SuperWindows.


Steel doors have been a common choice when it comes to commercial buildings, offices, and factories. Yet homeowners in Toronto have also lately been one of the major consumers.

Technological advances, improved protection, and other practical benefits have enabled steel doors to become a great choice.

  • Modern home use designs
  • A great defense against break-ins with high security
  • Helps to save energy, while durable in any weather condition
  • Cant be easily pushed open, bent or broken
  • Significantly elimination of sound and vibration
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Custom Design and Choices

We offer a wide range of choices, steel and glass doors, helping you build your own exclusive doors. To figure out how to customize and design your steel doors contact a member of the team.

Are Steel Doors Energy Saver?

Our team of experts at SuperWindows is actively partnering with Ontario’s suppliers to identify new door construction materials that provide the finest insulation. Our door design, development, and installation process are bits of the puzzle that help our customers build a very thermally efficient environment.

In addition, our doors are made responsibly at state-of-the-art plants to avoid environmental pollution. The production method guarantees reduced waste and long-lasting efficiency, thus contributing to clean production. You are welcome to speak to us about getting your old doors recycled safely.

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Why Choose Metal Framed Doors And Windows?

Metal doors and windows greatly match well with every building. Metal-framed doors are one of the features you’ll note right after installation.

The metal structure of the door is not very weighty. And it enables plenty of light to flow into your house, unveiling with each panel a fresh perspective. This, in turn, will guarantee that any homeowner who opts for metal doors and windows will gain instant gratification.

Steel entry doors will be one of your home’s standout pieces, instead of simply a barrier dividing you from the environment outside.

Inside, you will find that doors made of metal match certain materials used in your home decor beautifully.

Doors aren’t the only items providing benefits thanks to such a durable material. Paneled metal windows may also add an architectural feel to your house, or even establish a period-style aura, based on the dimension.

SuperWindows provides a range of glazing panel designs, allowing you the maximum freedom to build as per the nature of your mind. These may be either rectangles horizontally or vertically, or even squarely. They do come in a number of sizes which gives you a lot of options.

If you opt for modern look rather than period-style appearance, then you may wish to have more contemporary alternatives.

Such models blend large glass panes with super-slim metal frames, enhancing both the light that comes in and the perspective.

Steel doors and windows will greatly enrich your life, while enhancing home architecture and adding to your property’s worth.