Sliding Windows

Why Should You Choose Sliding Windows?

Vertical and horizontal options are the first things that comes in mind when you choose the type of sliding windows. For places with an AIRCO, vertical sliding windows are the most suitable. On the other hand, you should opt for the latter if your room does not have an air conditioner.

There are two types of sliding windows

Usually, when the width is wider than the height, horizontal slider tilt windows are mostly preferred. Horizontal sliding windows are also used then the other type of windows are likely to cause an obstacle or obstruction when they are opened.

Horizontal slider tilt windows are often used in openings where the width is larger than the height. They are also used where swinging (casement or awning) windows would create an obstruction when opened (e.g. over deck or stairs).  All sliding windows installation offered by SuperWindows features triple weatherstripping, frameless, sunroom,  automated “open/close” safety lock for improved protection, and user-friendliness.

Standard Window Features:

  • Solidly built extruded vinyl style
  • Fusion-welded 3-1/4” frame & sash for superior strength
  • Multi hollow chamber configuration to improve strength and insulation
  • Warm edge non-metal Super Spacer®
  • Sophisticated triple stripping for maximum sealing
  • Basic White, there are 32 extra colors
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Single slider tilt window incorporates elegant architecture with superior performance and convenience, where one sash only needs to be functional. Ideal for wider spaces, their basic gliding motion significantly increases the available space within and outside your house. The operating sash may be tilted inside to make wiping quick, whereas the other sash stays static:

  • Air Tightness A3/F
  • Resistance to Wind-driven Rain B3
  • Wind Load Resistance C5
  • Energy Rating – 9.74 W/m2


The double slider tilt window provides extra stability and simplicity of use when all sashes have to be opened. Suitable for larger openings, their basic gliding action maximizes the available space within and outside your house. You can tilt both operating sashes to enable quicker cleaning inside.

  • Air Tightness A3
  • Resistance to Wind-driven Rain B3
  • Wind Load Resistance C3
  • Energy Rating – 9.74 W/m2
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For the same purpose as the other sliding windows, the end vent slider tilt window is frequently chosen, but the opening is broader than 72.’ It is often preferred as a reduced cost alternative in new buildings, where the hybrid look of casement windows needs to be accomplished. Having the very same classic appearances as the single slider of the Performance Series, the end vent slider has both ends functioning sashes which can be tilted in for quick cleaning from inside your house:

  • Air Tightness A3
  • Resistance to Wind-driven Rain B3
  • Wind Load Resistance C3
  • Energy Rating – 9.74 W/m2

High Durability

Both window frames and sashes are made totally from an excellent extruded UPVC profile. The frame and sash corners are welded into a monolithic assembly to offer permanent protection against the infiltration of the air and water.

SuperWindows windows come with the optimum glossy shine that gives a more desirable look in the longer term and makes for simpler cleaning. Fusion-welded corners with a multichambered frame and sash ensure optimum longevity, durability, and protection.

Our sturdy vinyl frames are not going to rust or fold, and are made to the highest standard of quality. Both our windows follow requirements in Canada and as well as the USA.