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A new patio door actually comes with many advantages. They not only let you have more amount of light into our house but also they help with energy conservation, while contributing to overall beauty, especially when combined with existing furniture or design.

If you’ve always thought of installing a new patio door but could not figure out how you actually could afford one, talk with the SuperWindows’ experts today to find out what versions are available for high quality and low cost.

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Exemplary Customer Service

At SuperWindows, when it comes to sales and installation of new patio doors, we’re the absolute premium pioneer in the GTA and this is not only due to the affordable cost offer.

Although other consumers are equating “value” with “out-the-door” pricing, our view is rather different.

The value of a patio door is determined by a sum of door and assembly prices, including workmanship performance, insurance, and continuing customer support.

Those are just some of the reasons that distinguish our business on the market from the rest, thus describing why we achieve such great marks.

SuperWindows's Patio Doors Process

We always visit you in person at your home prior to the installation of any patio door.

This helps our team to examine the condition of your current door, take precise in-and out-of-door measurements, help you to decide your priorities, and develop an estimation that involves various door and hardware preferences.

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Types of Patio Doors

Patio doors come in many types, such as exterior sliding doors, sliding patio doors, sliding glass doors.

Depending on the area where you want to have your doors are installed, you may choose traditional sliding doors, especially if you have smaller space.

Nevertheless, you can also prefer to have higher patio doors if you have enough room.

What Are The Benefits Of Sliding Patio Doors?

  • Applying standard PVC stiles and rails prevents the sides from humidity without bowing or rotting, which is typically observed in wooden doors.
  • Quality PVC stiles and rails on sliding doors also provide a complete thermal break which is especially important to have against Canada ‘s harsh weather conditions.
  • Vinyl sliding doors also offer certain versatile features thanks to the inclusion of polyurethane core into the composition. This helps the material to have reliable insulation properties. 
  • The formula used in materials does not contain chlorofluorocarbons ( CFCs), which are hazardous compounds for the environment, which damages the ozone layer in the atmosphere.

How To Choose Patio Doors?

  • Before making a purchase check the market reviews your choice of sliding door. Having a decent commercial rating usually indicates the efficiency and reputation of the sliding door
  • Endurance testing is an overall test on a vinyl sliding door that tests the door’s reliability in varying climates and conditions.
  • Quality sliding doors should provide high functionality. In addition, warranties of product, and as well as workmanship quality of the installation process should be satisfactory too.
  • In addition to validating a conventional look, a thick profile and frame are essential for determining the strength of the door
  • Every home where sliding feet are installed requires convenient and fast installation with a simple operation.

Advanced Technologies

Advanced innovations of today are sprouting modern door installation styles with vinyl sliding doors that suit every home to offer greater aesthetic appeal and usability.

Well-designed sliding doors are elegant patio doors that improve your home’s aesthetics appeal.

The performance of sliding door models in Toronto is further enhanced by new innovations. They come with stylish designs and heavy-duty functionality that guarantees reliability that is uncompromising.