Fixed Windows

Glass, Vinyl, Pane, Aluminium Fixed Windows

SuperWindows offers fixed windows of excellent quality in Toronto. We’re your one-stop-shop in Ontario for custom choices and designs! Contact SuperWindows today to find out more about our fixed windows and our staff will be happy to answer all of your questions

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With fixed windows, you will be able to have an unhindered sight of your garden, while allowing extra light to come into your house, while at the same time enhancing the glass surface. The main difference between fixed windows and picture windows is the frame size. The former have bigger sizes for a more modern style. Still, many people refer them windows as picture windows.

We offer fixed windows in Toronto in many types and sizes. By having them installed, you will allow more natural light flow into your home. These kinds of windows are ideal for areas that have been well ventilated and can benefit from natural light.

Interior & Exterior Finishing

Colour Options

At SuperWindows we offer a wide range of window colors, while also providing custom-colored windows to complement your current furniture. We promise that the paint of the window will remain strong, hard to remove, long-lasting, and fantastic appealing.

Trim Options

SuperWindows offers many design styles enabling you to make your windows look trendy and elegant. When creating a window casing we blend modern technologies with the finest materials. It allows our windows to become reliable and polished flawlessly. We offer wood stain, contemporary and classic rosettes as standard finishing options.

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Jamb Sizes

You can choose from up to four standard vinyl jamb sizes at SuperWindows, which allows our team to carry on a flawless windows installation process. We also have wood jamb extensions, frame moldings, and corner blocks to accommodate various architectural styles. All interior finishing choices are made of 100 percent lead-free uPVC material that is reliable and has no maintenance cost.


The brick molds are made of 100 percent uPVC powder compounds that are tough and free to maintenance, allowing the windows to hold up to the toughest conditions. For long-lasting curb appeal, the brick molds even come in all sorts of sizes and colors.

Fusion-welded ends, gas-filled inner spaces, 100 percent lead-free uPVC material, and as well as many more great aspects highlight our windows’ outstanding thermal quality.