Fiberglass Doors

Stylish, Individually Designed Fiberglass Entry Doors

SuperWindows offers fiberglass doors of excellent quality which provide the fine blend between reliability, safety, and elegance. All our clients appreciate the comfort and feel of a conventional wooden door, as well as the efficiency and durability of fiberglass manufacturing.

Our company builds energy-efficient doors in oak, mahogany, douglas fir, and cherry-grain finishing at SuperWindows Windows & Doors. As you can also see from the samples, all our doors look like actual wooden doors.

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High Durability

Fiberglass doors have recently become an attractive solution to wooden doors since they are not decaying, deteriorating, or warping. A homeowner should rely on those doors for quite a long time to retain their look and feel.

They need minimal maintenance work, thus providing high wear and tear tolerance and solid component protection. They can also be decorated or colored, making it an important option for cold climates in Canada.


  • High thermal protection
  • Protects against water seeping into your home
  • Their energy efficiency is higher compared to other doors
  • Incredibly strong material
  • Extremely safe
fiberglass doors entry toronto (3)

Why Choose Us?

Look no further than SuperWindows Windows & Doors when you are planning to hire a company that makes high-quality entrance doors that look fantastic and are inexpensive as well.

We’ve been making stylish and practical fiberglass doors for more than 10 years now, and we’ve developed a great reputation for making quality entrance doors in Toronto that our customers enjoy for years.

Wide Selection

At SuperWindows we understand that there are many unique preferences out there. It might sound like a simple item, but with lots of customization options comes an entrance door.

We bring a huge range of fiberglass doors to make sure we’ve got plenty for everybody. Whatever you’re searching for with your choice of a fiberglass door, at SuperWindows, you’ll find the right fit for your house.

Having realistic grain context in each panel, Fiberglass doors have the possibility to stain or paint in a range of environmental tones (just like a real wooden door).

Besides its beautiful, engraved panels with the well-defined lines of design would bring a real “aesthetic appeal” to your home. We offer endless design choices, including infinite elements of decor.