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Door installation must be carried out by professionals, in order to bring design and functionality into your house.

Not only can the front doors enhance your home’s visual appeal, but a newly installed door will also maximize energy efficiency and as well as increase the value of your property.

If you want to guarantee that the installation or door repair process is done successfully, hiring a specialist in Toronto is very essential.

Your patio doors play an integral part in the general look of your house.

The patio door also offers you access to the open air in your backyard.

They will get dirty and lack their usefulness when you don’t maintain them in a proper way.

There are several different styles of doors that homeowners and offices may use to feature their property. 

Steel doors are popular among offices, commercial establishments, and as well as factory buildings where a solid closure is required to give the property greater protection.

Most workplaces and warehouses choose steel doors as an option for storing expensive and bulky items for the business.

A fiberglass door has a high resistance to any environmental situation, which, therefore, is considered to be durable. This feature makes the door a perfect option in any environment.

A fiberglass door is always preferable to other industry products, as a lower maintenance requirement. You may also want to combine it with stunning wood materials with it to have a distinct entrance or exterior doors.

The exterior door plays a crucial role since it is actually the focal point of your house!

Why not think of replacing your current old-style door with modern, completely insulated systems that offer performance, beauty, increased protection, and improved appeal?

Our professional staff can even customize the exterior door according to your idea and so you can receive the most affordable quality and the best performance.

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Professional Service

Having more than 10 + years of door installation experience, SuperWindows is dedicated to offering trusted and reliable services.

We will ensure that you have the right door for your requirements, built the proper way, from entrance doors to sliding doors and storm-doors.

All the materials that we use during the installation process follow the requirements of Energy Star and are protected by full guarantee.

Custom Doors Installation

At SuperWindows we also specialize in custom doors and windows. Would you want to have the best energy efficient at the same time which exactly suits your home ‘s design?

Our team of professionals will offer their expert assessment to help you find the right door to meet your needs. After selecting the best door for your needs, we’ll visit your home to take the measurements so that you’ll have the correct door size.

That would reduce the risk of having a door that opens and closes with difficulty due to poor design.

Our Door Installation Process

We always do high-quality work, regardless of the variety of doors you want to have. There are a number of steps at each project to ensure proper installation:

Our specialist will check with you the plan to help you understand all steps involved

To protect the indoor and outdoor space at installation area, we will place drop cloths on the floor.

Our team will proceed with removing your old door, frame and trim if needed

You will then have your new door mounted, as well as with its new frame, trim and as well as insulation, if its necessary

We’ll definitely clean and remove any mess that we make during the process

Frequently Asked Questions

SuperWindows has been repairing, installing and replacing all kinds of doors for more than 10+ years of time

These are the reasons why our quota is sometimes higher:

  • Unlike some other companies in GTA, we always use the best quality materials which are manufactured in North America
  • When we give you the total cost to fix your issue, there is no hidden or additional expense, unlike some other companies that will charge you even after they offer the estimates.
  • When there is a chance of doing additional work on top and to ensure that it is long-lasting, we’ll be doing it