Bay Windows

Bay and Bow Windows by SuperWindows

SuperWindows offer high quality and custom-designed bay windows. By incorporating multiple or even more windows together, bay and bow windows are built so they extend beyond the facade of the house.

Based on your requirement, they can be casement, double-hung, or picture units. Bay and bow windows let more light to flow into the room by utilizing more windows, and also provide you with more space within your home.

Replacement Bow Windows

Bow windows consist of a minimum of 4 panels that form the window into the circular appearance. Bow window extends out your home, creating a cool, accessible ledge.

SuperWindows offers bay windows that are made up of three windows protruding from the home. Usually, they consist of one wide fixed (static) window in the middle and one casement on both sides. The main difference between these two is that Bay windows are usually more angular in form.

It is possible to mount our custom-designed bay windows in any house in Toronto. To deliver a sophisticated look and protection against water infiltration, a roof may be built over the outside.

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Superwindows Vinyl Window Features

  • Contoured design moldings
  • The fusion of 3 1/4″-welded frame and sashes
  • 7/8 energy performance overall sealed modules
  • Inclination in sashes for quick cleaning from the inside
  • Strong neoprene bulb seal at the ends
  • Special safety cam lock and keeper prevents forced intrusion
  • Large size panel on both sides for airflow
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Benefits of Bay Window

Energy-effificient windows installation minimizes cold drafts during the heating season which helps your house feel warmer.

Energy-efficient window surfaces indoors remain warmer. That ensures you can achieve a higher degree of relative humidity on the windows without worrying about condensation. However, if the humidity level in your room is too high, please bear in mind that performance upgrades to windows will not stop condensation from occurring.

By installing interior storm windows, you can also enhance the windows’ energy performance by up to 50 percent and minimize the energy bills. These windows reduce air leakage and increase the thermal efficiency of your windows.

Beautiful Vibrant Colors and Ideas

Enhance your home’s distinctive appeal with SuperWindows’ innovative new finishes and colors.

While other methods may, these finishes will not degrade or embrittle the windows prematurely, and SuperWindow’s latest technology is significantly improved for weathering performance thanks to recently introduced technological advances.

Improve your home’s elegance with colors from Windows and Doors SuperWindows.

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What Is The Difference Between Bay And Bow Windows?

Bow and bay windows will look much alike at first sight. Both would do a great deal to open a room and make it breathe, providing the impression of more space and allowing more light into every room while adding a touch of beauty.

Here are the major differences between the two:

There are three openings for a bay window, accessible in angled projections. Typically, a bow window has four or five.

The general configuration of a bay window consists of a picture window with two other, typically smaller, windows on each side. The design of a bow window is curved, providing a rounded shape on the exterior of the building.

For modern buildings, the angular lines and flat planes of a modern bay window are most often deemed more fitting, whereas the semi-circular exterior form of the bow window is ideal for some Victorian-like design. Still, for just about every kind of home, any type is quite appropriate.

Considering installing a bow or bay window in Toronto?

Buy the most energy-efficient vinyl bow & bay windows and save up to 23% on energy bills

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